Friends of the Fair!

Putting together an event like the Up! Fair doesn’t happen overnight, and it also doesn’t happen without the generous help from the following artists, writers, stores, companies and friends!  Between donations of art, money, time, space, discounts, and supplies, these people deserve a huge and hearty thank you from both us, the organizers, as well as everyone who comes out to the event or wishes for it to succeed.  This groundswell of support seriously made our hearts grow three sizes bigger, and it emboldens our belief in the independent publisher and what we as a community can accomplish together!

In no particular order…

Morris Bookshop

Minuteman Press


Carnegie Center

Chevy Chaser Magazine

Stella's Kentucky Deli

Tyler James

Roger Langridge

Jeremy Tyson Harvey

Brian Steinberg

Rene Van Belzen

Brandon Dayton

Kurtis Sasso

Lee Cherolis

Pat Higgins

Mark Mariano

Cameron Callahan

Kasey Van Hise

Carol-Anne McFarlane


Rob Stenzinger

Zach Bosteel

Jamie Gambell

Joe Hills

Carlin Trammel

Carsten Bradley

Dani Jones

Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Eric “Kaiki” Raehn

Ryan Wheaton

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