2015 Guest List

Here are our confirmed guests for Kids Read Comics 2015! More guests will be added in the coming weeks.

Special Guest! Kean Soo, creator of Jellaby and March Grand Prix, and Tory Woollcott, author of Mirror Mind.
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Special Guest! Faith Erin Hicks, cartoonist of the Eisner Award winning The Adventures of Superhero Girl, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Bigfoot Boy, Friends With Boys, and more!
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Raina Telgemeier, author of Smile, Drama, and Sisters. Cartoonist of the Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels.
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Dave Roman, creator of Astronaut Academy, writer of Teen Boat!, and creator of Starbunny, Inc.!
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Ruth McNally Barshaw, Author/illustrator of the 6 Ellie McDoodle Diaries and many forthcoming picturebooks.
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Saturday Only!

Rafael Rosado, artist of Giants Beware! and Dragons Beware!

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Zac Gorman, author of Rick and Morty, author and artist of Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers, and creator of the Magical Game Time webcomic.
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Chris Giarrusso, creator of the KCR! Award winning G-Man and The G-Man Super Journal: Awesome Origins
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Zack Giallongo, Author of Broxo, Ewoks: Shadows of Endor, artist of the Stratford Zoo series, and author of the new Star Wars Doodles!
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Carolyn Nowak, illustrator for Lumberjanes.
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Chris Duffy, editor of Nickelodeon Magazine comics, SpongeBob Comics, Nursery Rhyme Comics, Fairy Tale Comics, Above the Dreamless Dead, and Fable Comics (forthcoming); and also for writing much of a book called Bizarro Comics and some Scooby-Doo comics.
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Special Musical Guest!
MC Frontalot
, nerdcore hiphop artist.

Ellie Moody, cartoonist.
William Messner-Loebs, creator of Journey and Bliss Alley; co-creator of Epicurus the Sage and The Maxx; Writer of Flash, Wonder Woman, Thor, Impulse, Jonny Quest, Superman, Dr. Fate, Hawkman and the Batman newspaper strip;aArtist of Wasteland and Mr. Monster.
Dave McDonald, Author/Illustrator of Hamster S.A.M.
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Jess Boudrie, artist and co-creator of the webcomic Dax, and featured artist in Kidthulhu: Tales of Madness.
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Jessi Zabarsky, creator of Witchlight, Never Full, and I Want to Eat Everything.
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Mike Roll, illustrator of Apooka, The World’s Most Adorable Zombie, Apooka: Goes to the Park and many other children’s books.

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Joshua Buchanan, creator of The Rocket and artist of Scratch 9.
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Jesse Hughes, animation student, creator of CosmiCat, and artist for Science Girl.
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Dave Rocha (writer) and Paul Reaume (artist), creators of The Underground and Tecumseh: A Heroic Tale of War and Shattered Dreams.
Sam Noir, writer, cartoonist, and Toymaker. Writer and co-creator of Holmes Vs Moriarty, The Victorian Four, and The Munchsters, and contributed to Cerebus Low Society, Steampunk Originals from Arcana, Monstrosity from Alterna, and Major North for Toronto Comics.
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Rachel Polk, Creator of Melvin, the Fat Bird, colorist on CPTN SRSLY and the Super Master Sentinels, and production artist on The Warren Report: A Graphic Investigation into the Kennedy Assassination. Follow Rachel on Twitter!
Rob Stenzinger, cartoonist and co-host of the Lean Into Art Cast
Lee Cherolis, artist of Little Guardians.
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Special Musical Guests!
The Shake Ups in Ponyville
, a real-life Mane Six-piece band; writing and performing original songs inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, they are professional crowd pleasers whose performances are fun for the whole family!
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Courtney Hahn, artist and co-creator of the cowboy comic Podunk!
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James Anderson, creator of Ellie on Planet X.
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John Martin, illustrator of Vordak the Incomprehensible series.
Emily Zelasko, Writer and artist of Old Man, Dog, and the Ocean and Snow and artist for Rainbow Sprinkle-Slime and Jinx.
Jim McClain, creator of Solution Squad, co-editor/designer of Reading With Pictures: Comics That Make Kids Smarter teachers guide
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Jay P. Fosgitt, creator of Bodie Troll, Dead Duck, Necronomicomics, Little Green Men, Dino Duck, Old McMonster’s Haunted Farm, and contributor to Boom’s Adventure Time!
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Cyndi Foster & Jeramy Hobbs, Husband and wife team on the self-published series Oops Comic Adventure. Follow Cyndi & Jeramy on Twitter!
Mya Gosling, Author and “artist” of Good Tickle Brain: a mostly-Shakespeare webcomic and blog. Follow Mya on Twitter!

John Bleau, industrial designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Teacher of visual communication and visual thinking techniques.

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Samantha Kyle, cartoonist, designer, and Valkyrie.
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Sean O’Neil, creator, writer, and illustrator of Rocket Robinson and the Pharaoh’s Fortune.
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Ted Woods, comic artist for Obsidian, sketch card artist for Marvel/Upper Deck.

Connor Bond, creator of Violent Squad X.
Nicolas de Schweinitz, creator of Ches.

Sanaa Naeem, author of Axolotl.
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Declan Gatenby, cartoonist.

And even more! (Photos and samples to come)

  • Joe Foo, creator of Desmond’s Comic
  • John Gallagher, author of Buzzboy, Roboy Red, and art director for Ranger Rick magazine.
  • Lauren Houser, artist on Minimum-Wage Mages
  • Megan Kearney, contributor to the Valor Anthology, author of Beauty and The Beast webcomic
  • Melanie Gillman, creator of As the Crow Flies <–CANCELLED
  • Katie Cook, creator of Gronk, writer of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic <–CANCELLED