2013 Guest List

Here are our confirmed guests for Kids Read Comics 2013! More guests will be added in the coming weeks.

Special Guests! Ben Hatke, creator of Zita the Spacegirl, and Angelica Hatke, 10-year-old cartoonist!


Scott Seegert, Author of the Vordak the Incomprehensible book series.

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Mike Schwartz, writer and artist of Oceanverse.

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The O>Matics are a fun & quirky Rock N’ Roll band from New Jersey. Since 2000, they have entertained audiences of all ages. Their music has inspired the comic collection known as The O>Matics: Rock & Read.


Ellie Moody, cartoonist.


Shaina Tracy, Author of the very un-well known Out Monstered.


Olivia Comai, cartoonist.


Matt Dye, Creator of Nathan and the Land of Robots.


Mark Mariano,, Adventure Time cover artist. Creator of Happyloo, Flabbergast, The O>Matics: Rock & Read, and Escape Into Comics!
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John Green,, Co-creator and artist of Teen Boat! and Jax Epoch with writer Dave Roman, and artist for Phineas & Ferb Magazine.
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Mike Laughead,, Author and Penciller of The Legend of Acornhead.
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Thom Zahler, Writer and artist of Love and Capes and My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle.
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Brandon Dayton, Creator of Green Monk.
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Jonathan Griffiths, Creator of Beyond the Canopy.
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Kris Moore, Writer and Creator of Science Girl and Saturday Morning Snack Attack!.
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Ted Woods, Creator of his self-published comic The Book of Love.


Justin Castaneda, Writer and Illustrator When I Was Little, Heart, and guest artist in Rob Worley’s Scratch 9: Cat Tails issue 1.
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Laurianne Uy, creator of Polterguys
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Jay P. Fosgitt, creator of Bodie Troll, Dead Duck, Necronomicomics, Little Green Men, Dino Duck, Old McMonster’s Haunted Farm, and contributor to Boom’s Adventure Time!
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Rafael Rosado, Illustrator, Co-Creator of the graphic novel Giants Beware! published by First Second Books. Storyboard Artist on Curious George, Transformers Prime, Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc, and Venture Brothers, among others.
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Joshua Hauke, Creator of the Tales of The Brothers Three!
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Mike Bocianowski, creator of Yets!


Scott Robins, Librarian and Co-author of A Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids’ Comics

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Jim Ottaviani, Author of Primates, Feynman, T-Minus, and other comics about science and scientists.
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Dave Roman, creator of Astronaut Academy, Teen Boat!, Agnes Quill, Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden, and Life Meter. Co-host of the Kids’ Comics Revolution podcast!
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Raina Telgemeier, creator of the Eisner-winning Smile, Drama, and The Baby-Sitters Club
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Matt Feazell, creator of Cynicalman


Dani Jones, creator of My Sister, the Freak

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Rob Worley, writer of the Eisner-nominated Scratch 9Follow Rob on Twitter!
Mike Roll, illustrator of Apooka, The World’s Most Adorable Zombie, Apooka: Goes to the Park and many other children’s books.Follow Mike on Twitter!


Joshua Buchanan, creator of The Rocket.


Jesse Hughes, creator of CosmiCat.
Dave Rocha (writer) and Paul Reaume (artist), creators of The Underground and Tecumseh: A Heroic Tale of War and Shattered Dreams.
D.J. Woodward and Chris Sopsich, creators of Gordie Gnomo.
Sam Noir, Writer of The Munchsters!
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Dyl Kloepfer, Artist and co-creator of The Munchsters!
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Jim and Rose McClain, creators of Solution Squad.
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Joe Mochove & Rusty Rowley, creators of Full Sanction.


Lee Cherolis, artist of Little Guardians.
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Paul Cox, Freelance illustrator, and creator of Tales of the Red Planet.
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Courtney Hahn, cartoonist.Follow Courtney on Twitter!
Paul Storrie, writer of various comics for DC, Marvel, IDW, and author of Twisted Journeys: Peril at Summerland Park.Follow Paul on Twitter!
Joe Foo, creator and artist of Desmond’s Comic.Follow Joe on Twitter!


James Anderson, creator of Ellie on Planet X.
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Samantha Kyle, cartoonist.
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John Martin, illustrator of Vordak the Incomprehensible series.


Jeff Gibbons, creator of Pretty Jeff.Follow Jeff on Twitter!

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Tom Eaton, creator of The Bug Zapper.Follow Tom on Twitter!


And even more! (Photos and samples to come)