Museum employee Helen finds a mysterious bracelet that locks around her wrist, and moments later her workplace is filled with dangerous monsters.
To add to the confusion, a strange robot, who carries two shotguns and talks like a cowboy, suddenly pops out the pile of weird objects Helen was cataloging.
Then it's a mad dash for the nearest exit, as the monsters destroy everything in their path.
Enter Bruce, who carries his own mysterious weapon, an orb which can apparently transform into any weapon he wishes. Can Bruce and the robot save Helen from the army of monsters?


Bruce gives Helen and Dhuc a history lesson about the mysterious bracelet that has permanently attached itself to her. It, the robot Dhuc, and even Bruce's orb are remnants from an old rivalry between a Chase Magnanimous and the villainous August Snide.
Meanwhile, three bizarre villains break Snide out of a maximum-security prison. Snide vows revenge on the people who imprisoned him, and sends his cronies to the museum to collect his old weapons.
But Bruce, Helen, and Dhuc are also on their way to the museum to find the key to removing the bracelet. Things go from very bad to very worse when the two teams meet in the middle of the night...


Bruce and Helen go in search of Chase Magnanimous himself, to find the last pieces of the puzzle they've been haphazardly putting together. But Chase is not the man that Bruce grew up thinking he is.
Snide at last launches his plan for vengence on all mankind, and it's looking like all that stands between him and victory are the poor, confused souls who we met at the beginning of the story. And after the pounding the good guys took at the end of Book Two, it's not looking like they stand much of a chance...