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UP! Fair Art Auction has Begun!

Posted By Shawn Robare on December 3, 2010

If you believe in our mission and want to help us make a second UP! Fair possible, we could use your help!

Art & books graciously donated by Dani Jones for the Up! Fair.

As you know, we collected art donations to raise funding for next year’s UP! Fair, and we’ve begun rolling out the first wave of art items to auction this weekend. You can now bid on some truly terrific pieces donated to the Fair by top artists like Ted Seko, Kim Holm, and Dani Jones!

Whether or not you bid, we hope that you will help spread the word over the next week. You can post links on your Facebook pages, Twitter, or your own blogs. Every link helps. You can find the auction items here!

Photos from the Up! Fair

Posted By Shawn Robare on November 24, 2010

Curious about getting a look at the Up! Fair?  Well here are a few photo sets from the organizers and friends of the event…

Photo by Holly Mahaffey

Photo Set #1 (by Holly Mahaffey)

Photo Set #2 (by Brian and Sara Turner)

Photo Set #3 (by Shawn Robare)

Photo Set #4 (By Chuck Moore of Comics Related)

Video: Art Jam from Drink & Draw

Posted By Shawn Robare on November 24, 2010

We’re still reeling and recovering from this past weekend’s festivities, but we thought we’d take a second to post this video from Friday night’s Drink & Draw.  It features Mark Rudolph and Jim Lujan on an art jam…

You can find the full video here (just select Actions>Download.)

Spotlight on Edith Burney

Posted By Carrie Robare on November 15, 2010

Edith Burney is the Youth/Teen Librarian at the Chelsea District Library in Chelsea, Michigan.  She is an avid reader of comics, graphic novels and manga which allows her to relate easily with the kids and teens she serves in her job.  Her strong desire to get kids interested in comics and further foster a love of reading prompted her to help develop Kids Read Comics.

The Kids Read Comics Convention is a free event that unites kids, teens, parents, teachers and librarians with professional artists and writers from the comics and animation fields. It’s also the sister event to the Up! Fair!

Spotlight on Todd Goodman & Dan Frazier

Posted By Shawn Robare on November 12, 2010

Todd Goodman is the owner and main writer of Old World Comics.  Having owned a comic shop in the 80s, Todd has since gone on to work on two self-published series, The Book on Me and The Powers That Be!

Dan Frazier is the writer & artist behind the Adventures of Nightcrawler and Prowler.  He has also contributed art to The Powers That Be! and is featured in the monthly Old World Office webcomic.

You can find out more about Todd and Dan at Old World Comics.

Subscribe to the UP! Fair Programming Calendar!

Posted By Anne Drozd on November 11, 2010

Now you can follow along with Saturday’s Events on your smartphone’s calendar application! We’ve put together a public Google Calendar with all of the program times, teaching artists, and location.

Just use the handy links below to subscribe to your preferred calendar format!


Spotlight on Ray Coffman

Posted By Shawn Robare on November 11, 2010

Ray Coffman is a ronin artist from the small village of Harrodsburg, KY.  From an early age, Ray had begun to secretly master his ability to transform blank pieces of paper into illusions that created windows into other dimensions that people knew not existed.  No one knows whatever became of him.  It is said that he disappeared with the dark forces of Quarantine, others say he died in a fist fight with a saber-tooth tiger and went on to Valhalla (it was a draw), others say he just ran out of lead….

Ray is also one of the original three members of Quarantine Comics, a group who stands by the belief that Art and Creativity are the cornerstones of having fun and really enjoying life to the fullest.  Their goal is to get Lexington, KY and any other surrounding communities involved in helping build a large and diverse community of artists so that no creative idea goes unseen and that no story goes untold.

At SPACE 2010, he launched the first chapter of his epic tale ARAURA.  You can find out more about Ray at his blog.

Spotlight on Chad Strohl

Posted By Shawn Robare on November 10, 2010

Born and raised in Southeast Ohio, Chad Strohl has been a writer/creator in various ways since childhood. At the age of 18 he finished in the top 100 of a national competition for writing and illustrating a children’s book. From there he has gone on to work on various projects and disciplines. Chad has done voice overs for radio commercials, assisted as a camera operator for field reporting of television news, and provided graphic designs for various community organizations.

On his day job, Chad works with individuals with Developmental Disabilities. He has worked in the field for 17 years teaching daily living & work related skills as well as coaching for Special Olympics. Chad recently completed work on a coloring book designed for adults to assist in learning and active discussion with more such books planned for production.

When not at “work”, Chad enjoys playing guitar and singing in a cover band while pursuing his writing and artistic passions, which range from novels to short stories to screenplays to comic books.

He currently resides in Moxahala, Ohio with his two daughters.  You can find more about Chad and his comic work at his website.

Spotlight on Barry Gregory

Posted By Shawn Robare on November 9, 2010

Barry Gregory is one of the owner/operators of Ka-Blam Digital Printing, a publisher services company which offers digital printing (as well as a growing list of other services) for independent comic book publishers.

Digital printing uses high end laser technology to simulate the look of traditional offset printing.  This allows them to produce comics and paperbacks without the high overhead and huge print runs that come along with traditional printing.  Ka-Blam is an ideal solution for independent comic publishers looking for an alternative to traditional printing and for webcomic creators looking to put their work into print and thereby add an extra revenue stream to their business.

Barry is also one of the gang behind Indy Planet, and online P.O.D. comic store that provides an outlet for digital comics production in print.  Indy Planet handles the store front and fulfillment for independent comics creators, and is an arm of Ka-Blam.

Handy City Guide for UP! Fair Visitors!

Posted By Anne Drozd on November 8, 2010

If you’re new to the Lexington area and looking for a good place to grab a bite while attending the UP! Fair, we’ve got a downloadable guide highlighting some of the terrific restaurants and pubs within a short walk of the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning!

Just click the image to download a PDF!