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Friday Programming

5-8 PM

Kickoff Event and Gallery Exhibition

Come see some of the exciting artwork created by the UP! Fair guests in a gallery exhibition at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning! The Steering Committee and guests of the show will be there to present previews of the types of events to expect on Saturday.

Saturday Programming

10 – 11 AM

Draw Dynamic!

Explore some of the many tricks in a cartoonist’s bag to make one’s characters leap off of the page! Join cartoonist Jerzy Drozd in a hands-on workshop where you’ll create action scenes that will set your readers aquiver!

All Ages – James Lane Allen Room (2nd Floor)

11 AM – Noon

Drawing Animals With Numbers

If you can write a number, you can create a character! Learn how to turn the number 5 into a groundhog or the number 3 into a gorilla. Join cartoonist Steve Harpster for a hands-on workshop where you’ll explore how to anthropomorphize math based on his new book Drawing Animals With Numbers. It’s so easy that even an adult can learn how to draw!

All Ages – Nancy Huston Banks Room (2nd Floor)

The Dramaturgy of Silliness! (or, how to improvise a story)

Making up stories has never been more fun in this interactive workshop with Norwegian cartoonist Kim Holm. Learn how to create stories on the fly, how to come up with an infinite number of ideas, and how to change direction midstream with aplomb! By the end you’ll have your own story full of silliness and fun.

Teens/Adults – BCTC ESL Program Office Space (Basement)

Creating Comics Artwork Digitally

In this interactive workshop, cartoonist Matt Zolman will explore the pros and cons of the digital revolution in comics illustration and storytelling. Learn about best practices, preferred file formats and resolutions, and get a tour of how Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketchbook Pro can all be used to create a rich comics world without using paper or pencils!

Professional Development  - James Lane Allen Room (2nd Floor)

Noon – 1 PM

Brainstorming Character Design

In this workshop you’ll explore digital and traditional techniques to brainstorm new character ideas. Join cartoonist Krishna Sadasivam for a discussion on character construction techniques, followed by a hands-on activity where you will use simple shapes and lines to create your own character!

All Ages – James Lane Allen Room (2nd Floor)

Robots vs Monsters!

Make an army of robots, an army of monsters, and send them off to battle for world supremacy! In this hands-on workshop cartoonist Jerzy Drozd will instruct you on how to design and draw an implacable horde of robot soldiers, followed by an exercise in using random shapes to create a maniacal mass of monsters. You’ll then be invited to create a comic where you’ll decide who wins the battle!

All Ages – Nancy Huston Banks Room (2nd Floor)

1 – 2 PM

Storytelling To Make Your Comic’s User Interface Awesome

So you’ve got a comic, but how do you present it to an online audience in a compelling way? In this interactive workshop, cartoonist and app developer Rob Stenzinger will demonstrate how you can combine user-centric design principles with storytelling experience to design and construct an interactive home for your comic – whether that’s on the desktop web, mobile application, or tablet.

Professional Development  - James Lane Allen Room (2nd Floor)

DIY Screenprinting Techniques with Cricket Press

One of the characteristics of many boutique comics is their unique, hand-printed covers – many of which are printed by the comics creators themselves. Screen printing is one of the most basic forms of printmaking that can be done at home with relatively few materials. Learn the basics of screen printing and how to give a finished look to your comic. A guide for beginners and basic materials list will be provided to all attendees. While you’re there try the process yourself and walk away with your own hand-pulled print!  The workshop will be lead by Brian and Sara Turner of Cricket Press!

Teens and Adults – BCTC ESL Program Office Space (Basement)

2 – 3 PM

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Dip into the bag of digital tips and tricks artist Steve Harpster has collected over the years! Learn how to create your own digital ink and pencil brushes, how to ink comics in Photoshop, how to add textures to your artwork, and even some advanced techniques like how to use layer masks to speed up your work! Harpster will illustrate a monster while explaining the various techniques he uses to create illustrations. A basic understanding of Photoshop will be required to participate in this workshop.

Teens and Adults – James Lane Allen Room (2nd Floor)

Write With Images

Learn how a cartoonist uses drawings, panel size, and crazy sound effects to immerse their readers in the story! Cartoonist Jerzy Drozd will lead you in an interactive discussion on some of the fundamental comics storytelling principles, after which you’ll be invited to create a short comics story of your own!

All Ages – Nancy Huston Banks Room (2nd Floor)

Zine and Heard

Learn how to channel your passion for a subject into a publication that all can enjoy in this interactive workshop with cartoonist and long-time zine maker Mark Rudolph. You’ll explore how to marry words and images in simple but effective ways as well as how you can use inexpensive production methods to print and distribute your work to people who love the subject as deeply as you do!

Teens and Adults – BCTC ESL Program Office Space (Basement)

3 – 4 PM

Make a Machine with Muscle! (No Power Tools Required!)

Ever want to design your own sports car? A monster truck? A sleek, galaxy-hopping spaceship? Cartoonist Krishna Sadasivam will show you techniques and shortcuts on how to illustrate vehicles from the ground up. This hands-on workshop will also cover various Photoshop techniques used to create dynamic and unique-looking vehicles!

All Ages – James Lane Allen Room (2nd Floor)

Personal Storytelling: Drawing with Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Coffee

Relish in the agony and ecstasy of storytelling with Norwegian cartoonist Kim Holm! Explore how expressionistic drawing and narrative techniques can be used to bring out the inner lives and emotions of the characters in your story. Make your angst, anger, and personal foibles serve your efforts as a storyteller!

Professional Development – Nancy Huston Banks Room (2nd Floor)

Make a Mini-Comic!

Cartoonist Pat Higgins demonstrates how to create the original done-in-one, handy little read you can put in your back pocket! In this interactive workshop, you’ll explore how to create a short story in comics form and put it together as your own mini-book to share with your friends!

Teens and Adults – BCTC ESL Program Office Space (Basement)

4 – 5 PM

Up With Ghettomation!

Ghettomation founder and animated filmmaker Jim Lujan will showcase his DIY animated films (and others) followed by a Q & A. Learn some tips and tricks about animating and promoting your very own Ghettomation.  With advances in technology and inexpensive software at your finger tips, there is no better time to dive right in and bring your creative visions to life.  This is one-part animation fest, one-part “how to” for those interested in DIY animation.

Teens and Adults – James Lane Allen Room (2nd Floor)

Panel Discussion – Indy Collaborations

Cartoonists Lee Cherolis, James Ratcliffe, and Samantha Kyle of the Indy Webcomics Group, along with cartoonist Dan Frazier, sit down for a discussion on the special considerations an independent creator must have in mind when teaming up with others on creative projects. Explore how to maintain individual creator rights, keep to schedules, and manage personalities in a creative team.

Professional Development – Nancy Huston Banks Room (2nd Floor)

4:30 – 5:30 PM

How to Lead a Comics Workshop

Learn how to draw out a student’s knowledge and find those teachable moments with comics in this interactive workshop with teaching artist and Art & Story co-host Jerzy Drozd. You’ll explore many presentation and thinking strategies to draft a workshop of your own!

Professional Development – BCTC ESL Program Office Space (Basement)

5 – 6 PM

Panel Discussion – Publishing in the POD Era

POD (Print-On-Demand) publishing has changed the face of publishing, but the technology itself has been constantly evolving as well. Join Barry Gregory, owner of the Ka-Blam POD service, cartoonists Mark Rudolph and Sara Turner, and zine-maker/blogger Shawn Robare for an interactive discussion on strategies they’ve explored in their own POD-published projects. Learn how to use POD services for your own project!

Professional Development – James Lane Allen Room (2nd Floor)

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